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Positive Feedbacks
Happy Beneficiaries
Preventive Examinations
Medical Specialists
Dynami Zois in response to the demands of the times is active in a wide range of areas with the help of volunteers to meet the needs arising in the context of modern society.
The areas of concern:
Health Promotion through innovative services (Telemedicine)
Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion
Fighting Discrimination Anti- bullying
Social Reintegration of special population groups
The Protection of Human Rights


I recommend Dynami Zois which successfully implements the Telemedicine Program in our region and propose extending the program to other areas so as to multiply the benefits of it.
Amfitriti Alibade Eretria Mayor
This was a very good program that came to our village and we thank Dynami Zois for joy and relief it gave us . We are here without transportation and without big financial
M.C. Benefiter - Ano Potamia - M. Kimis Aliveriou